For Zoning/Planning inquires, send a detailed email to


 I have planning or zoning questions.

Please send a detailed email to  Include the property address, what you want to do, and your specific questions.

 Do I need a building permit?

Contact the Township Building Inspector, Jack Kramer, at 651-351-5051 or   


Township Building Permits

 Do I need a wetlands permit?

All wetlands, even those without open water, are protected under state law.  Impacts to wetlands, including draining, filling, or excavation need approval or permits on local, state, and federal levels. 


Please check with the Washington Conservation District to help determine what you need to do if you are working in or near a wetland.  


For more information, call Washington Soil and Water Conservation District, at 651-275-1136.


More information on the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act can be found at

 I have road concerns

Please contact our Town Clerk, Bobbi Hummel, at 651-439-1706.

 How do I get on the Town Board Agenda?

Citizen Considerations is always a line item on our monthly meeting agendas.  You may also send an email to our Town Clerk about your request and send items you wish to present to the Board prior to the meeting. 


 What is the town's legal newspaper?

The Country Messenger is the town's legal newspaper.  

 When are Town Board Meetings?

The Town Board meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. via ZOOM or in-person.  Please see Public Notices for exacts.  

 Where do I get a burning permit?

Please call the DNR Dispatch Office at 763-284-7208 for burning permits.  For information on burning conditions in the area, please visit MNDNR Burning Restrictions.



Section 503.01: Open Burning Prohibited It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to start or allow to burn, any open fire on any property within the Town of May without first having obtained a permit therefore, except for supervised recreational or cooking fires contained within a fire ring no more than three feet in diameter, pit or barbecue grill. Section

503.02: Persons Designated to Issue Burning Permits The Town Fire Warden is hereby authorized to issue permits for open burning in conformance with the State of Minnesota Air Pollution Control Rules and reasonable permit conditions established by the Fire Marshal consistent with those rules. The signature of the Fire Warden shall be required for issuance of a burning permit.